Team Wonder Dave on youtube!

Howdy Folks!

As 2012 wraps up I have to say it’s been a good year for Team Wonder Dave. I was published in Lethe Press Anthology Divining Divas. It’s a wonderful collection (the boyfriend is in it too).

My youtube channel has taken off a few of the videos have been picked up by poetry blogs and gone a little bit viral.

These two videos featuring Rachel and Natasha in particular:

I’ve also managed to catch some good video of myself:

The Channel is poised to hit 10,000 views very soon. It’s about 450 views away and I’d love it if I got there before the new year.  So go watch things!

Other Social media stuff: and Strictly Show listing Tumblr are both doing just fine. The Show listings one is really more of a window ready page for the website which is still forthcoming. @TeamWonderDave on twitter is going well I have a smart phone which has made the world a more twitter friendly place.

Show news

Tourettes is Tourettes and garners it’s massive following. I know the number of people there has almost nothing to do with me BUT the show those 500+ people are seeing running smoothly does have something to do with me and I’m incredibly proud of that. It’s an honor to work with Sis, Jamie, Krystal, Heather, Asher, Syz and the whole Tourettes crew every month.

I produced a couple of TWSS Shows and a Nerdgasm this year. The talent was stellar audience attendance was less than but the people that were there enjoyed themselves and mostly I made a little cash or at the very least broke even. SASSY FAT GIRLS (which flew under the TWSS banner) was an absolute delight and may be taking on a life of it’s on courtesy of the amazing Denise Jolly. Check her out! She is a truly inspiring human being glad to have her in my life.

Also Sassy Fat Girls had the best flyer ever!


Special Thanks to Laura J. Martin for providing the excellent sketch.

Thanks so much to everyone who made 2012 a Wonderful year.  I’m looking forward to 2013!



About wonderdave

Wonder Dave is a writer and performer from the Midwest currently residing in Northern California. He’s toured the country performing at poetry venues, schools, cabarets, science fiction conventions, burlesque shows and bowling alleys. He was the recipient of the Jerome Foundation’s Verve grant for spoken word artists in 2007. Dave has appeared on the Semi-Finals and Group Piece Finals stages at the National Poetry Slam. Dave’s work has been published in the Legendary, Orange Room Review, Breadcrumb Scabs, Pedestal, Shit Creek Review and Assaracus Magazine. Thanks for checking him out.
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