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Hey Folks!

We’re about to hit our third month of 2016 and we don’t have hover boards which is a bit disappointing but since I’m a terrible skateboarder I doubt it would make much of a difference in my life.

In an exciting life change I’m now a freelancer.  Which means I have more time to do shows and work on art which  I’m pretty stoked about and it has made a big difference in my life. I’m more excited about this than I would be a hover board to be honest.


In the Upcoming shows Department here is what’s going on:

I thought it sucked: One-Star Reviews of Beloved Music Masterpieces

Friday February 26th  5:30pm at the Swedish American Music Hall FREE

Litquake and Noise Pop team up for this all-star happy hour show, as Bay Area musicians, writers, and performers present dramatic readings of one-star reviews that trash the world’s most treasured music masterpieces. Doors open at 5 pm, admission is free!

In addition to myself you can hear 1 star reviews read by the following talented folks:
Anthony Bedard (Scharpling and Wurster’s Themeweavers), Parker Gibbs (DJ FOODCOURT, Make-Out Room Craptacular), Kevin Hunsanger (Green Apple Books and Music), Zahra Noorbakhsh (#GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcast), Baruch Porras-Hernandez (Emcee, poet, San Francisco Queer Open Mic), Emma Silvers (SF Weekly, KQED Arts), and punk rock, free speech legend Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys, Alternative Tentacles, Guantanamo School of Medicine). High school me thinks it’s super cool that I’m in a show with Jello Biafra (if we’re keeping track high school me was also real stoked back when I did shows with members of Babes in Toyland, Pansy Division and Hüsker Dü all in all I’m doing real good on the performing alongside punk rock all stars)

If you’re not familiar with the Jello Biafra and the band The Dead Kennedys here’s their song Too Drunk to Fuck:

After That show I’ll probably head over to the Queer Open Mic.

My next shows while lacking punk rock stars are still going to be great and you should come to them:

Thursday March 3rd is Tourettes Without Regrets   we’re getting all done up for our glam rock theme so come dressed to impress. 🙂 Also if you haven’t been to the NEW Oakland Metro Location it’s just a few blocks away from the old one.  New Adress is 522 2nd St. Oakland. It’s a shorter walk from BART and about the same size room.

Wednesday March 9th I’ll be debating at Piano Fight  in the DJ Action President The Live Debate! reprising my role as Karl Sagan Leader of the United People Cats of America.  Come to the venue early to watch the democratic presidential candidate debates!

Thursday March 17th 7pm doors is Story Showdown at the Awaken Cafe in downtown Oakland! AND GUESS WHAT?! I’m making the announcement of who will be telling stories right here on my blog before there is even a facebook event or anything! Your March storytellers will be; author and frequent Shipwresk SF contributor: Kamala Puligandla,  One of SF Weekly’s Top 16 Artist to Watch in 2016 Natasha Muse,  Pr3ss Play Poetry Collective’s Audacious IAM, Youtube Button Poetry sensation Javon Johnson,  and bay area stand up comedy all stars Yvette Fernandez and Zorba Jevon Hughes!

Friday March 18th 9pm  I’ll be back in my high heels hosting the super fun awesome time that is Seduction Feroce at Club BNB in downtown Oakland!

In April I’ll be returning to the fine city of Vancouver BC for the 3rd edition of Game Of Thrones live at the Rio Theater!  More Details on that to be announced! Also on April 5th I’ll be doing the Second edition of Literary POP!  at Doc’s Lab  in San Francisco! Follow @LiteraryPop on Twitter for details as we get nearer to the show date.

As always stay updated and be entertained online at youtube.com/teamwonderdave,facebook.com/teamwonderdave,  @teamwonderdave on twitter, wonderdave.tumblr.comand wonderdave.wordpress.com! Have a great day.


your friendly neighborhood Wonder Dave.


About wonderdave

Wonder Dave is a writer and performer from the Midwest currently residing in Northern California. He’s toured the country performing at poetry venues, schools, cabarets, science fiction conventions, burlesque shows and bowling alleys. He was the recipient of the Jerome Foundation’s Verve grant for spoken word artists in 2007. Dave has appeared on the Semi-Finals and Group Piece Finals stages at the National Poetry Slam. Dave’s work has been published in the Legendary, Orange Room Review, Breadcrumb Scabs, Pedestal, Shit Creek Review and Assaracus Magazine. Thanks for checking him out.
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